L’ahah is committed to visual artists by offering tailor-made and long-term collaborations.

In order to increase artists recognition, L’ahah sets up dissemination tools such as exhibitions, publications, and multiple editions.

Over a five-year period, two solo shows with publishing and editing projects are proposed in Paris. Within the allotted time, a project space is provided.

Other disciplinary fields are invited to enter the project, in the perspective of receiving more consistent support.

L’ahah also aims to echo the initiatives of alternative structures at national and European levels. Part of L’ahah’s program thus relays their actions, work and publications.

L’ahah is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in June 2017 and from September 2018 runs two spaces in Paris and one in Ris Orangis/Grand Paris Sud.


L’ahah is located at 4 cité Griset 75011 Paris, France. This space hosts 4 exhibitions per year. There is also a small bookshop and consultation space.


One block from our Cité Griset main site, 24-26 rue Moret is the organisation’s showcase. Smaller, the space hosts five exhibitions a year.

#La Réserve

Located in Ris-Orangis, the venue will be entirely managed by the artists members of the organisation. L'ahah will relay their programming.




26.06 Yoann Dumel-Vaillot Conférence : Fétichisme en féerie, la voie secrète des talons trop courts, ou le tombeau de Cucendron #Griset


4.05 → 29.06 Charlie Boisson Au ciel, sous terre, par tous les trous #Griset
4.05 → 29.06 Louis Gary Mathilde et Mylène #Moret
5.07 Réseau DDA / C-E-A SET UP #2 #Griset et #Moret
14.09 Farah Khelil Plateaux #Griset
12.10 → 21.12 Jean-François Leroy Solo show #Griset
12.10 → 21.12 Vincent Hawkins Exposition personnelle #Moret
hiver 2020 Ran Zhang Exposition personnelle #Griset
hiver 2020 Katrin Koskaru Exposition personnelle #Moret


To read the archives, click here.

19.01 → 30.03 Vincent Dulom Percée #Griset et #Moret
09.02 Lancement du #3 de la revue Possible #Griset
16.02 Vincent Dulom Rencontre entre Vincent Dulom et Léa Bismuth #Griset
01.03 Ciné-club Projection de La Femme des sables de Hiroshi Teshigahara #Griset
20.03 Claire Kueny Conférence : L'encre serait de l'ombre #Griset
29.03 Aurélien Dumont Entailles musicales : écoutes guidées #Griset
04.04 → 27.04 Jean-François Leroy Tout vient d'un plan #Griset
05.04 Yves Citton Rencontre #Griset
25.05 Clotilde Viannay Rencontre avec Louis Gary #Moret
1.06 Nicolas Boulard Cheese Analyse : lancement du fanzine Specific Cheeses #11 #Griset
12.06 Projection "Rencontres du troisième type" de Steven Spielberg #Griset
27.11 Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer Conférence d'Aurélien Mole : "Les artistes-iconographes" #Griset
nov. 2018 9.11 → 22.12 Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer Artefakte und Modelle #Griset et #Moret
sept. 2018 15.09 → 27.10 Enrico Bertelli OLDER and YOUNGER #Moret
sept. 2018 15.09 → 27.10 Anne-Charlotte Yver 3296 #Griset
13 octobre 2018 Anne-Charlotte Yver Anne-Charlotte s'entretient avec Quentin Mornay #Griset
27 octobre 2018 Enrico Bertelli Enrico Bertelli s'entretient avec Marie Cantos #Moret
2018→2019 Avant-Programme #Griset #Moret
juin 2018 29.06 → 01.07 Anne-Charlotte Yver + Jean-Baptiste Lenglet A Free fall #Moret
mai 2018 31.05 → 03.06 Anne-Charlotte Yver + Augustin Steyer Intra #Moret
sept. 2017 Enrico Bertelli By a Hum #Griset
Dec. 2017 14.12 Enrico Bertelli + Anne-Charlotte Yver L'ahah ouvre ses portes! #Griset


For any collaboration proposal, please send it to the following address:
Please be patient, answers may be delayed !

Origini Edizioni, Italy • About Books, Switzerland • Point Contemporain, France •

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4 cité Griset (3rd floor)
75011 Paris

T. +33 (0) 1 71 27 72 47

Opening times
(during exhibitions only)
Wednesday - Saturday 2-7pm or by appointment

From Wednesday to Friday, 2-7pm, the entrance to the building is unrestricted. On Saturdays, entry can only be made via an intercom.
At the back of the hall and on your right, take the elevator up to the 3rd floor.
Then turn right up to the end of the corridor. Right door. Ring the bell.

24-26 rue Moret
75011 Paris

T. +33 (0)1 80 06 58 92

Opening times
(during exhibitions only)
Wednesday - Saturday 2-7pm or by appointment

rue des Artistes
91130 Ris-Orangis


Opening times
by appointment only

Doria Tichit
Executive director

Marie Cantos
Artistic director

Brice Lorthiois

Mylène Audibert-Lebon
Senior coordinator

Mathilde Belouali-Dejean

For any collaboration proposal, please send it to the following address:
Please be patient, answers may be delayed !

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